I've changed templete. It looks the same as old one but this one actually works.
Last one was full of errors. Also, all widgets were deleted so I gotta re-add them. Because of that, the poll is empty again (vote bitches:)
If you have any suggestions or tips to improve this blog please write a comment.


Link exchange anyone?

If you are interested just write a comment. I'll add your website. This blog is only one week old and it has 1112 hits already.


Week 2 Goal: Get 5+ Referrals

Goal: Get 5+ referrals

I'll try to get at least 5 referrals for any program I'm using.

How I'm gonna achieve this:
I'll use Getref.com. It's great tool for getting referrals. Read more about it Here.
I also hope I'll get some referrals from this blog.

Weekly Goal 1: Results

Goal: 1000+ hits to this site- Pass!
Remember this post?

I did it! I've started this blog on Tuesday so I didn't have whole week to achieve it. At the end of the week statcounter hit 1089.
First week was actually pretty good. I've got some referrals through this blog. Thank you for joining! I've also find out that this template is full of errors lol. I couldn't see it till I've opened it in IE (In Firefox it looked OK). So I guess I'll search for another template.

I've used mostly 2 traffic exchange sites to get visitors.

1. Traffic Generation Network
It's simple and it's really easy to earn credits.

2. TrueViewTraffic
This one is pretty god. You can "force" members to actually read your site by adding question. Question must be related to your site. Then you add four possible answers (only one is right). If visitor chooses incorrect answer, he won't be credited.



How it works:
myLot is a discussion forum where you get paid for posting. It's free and you can talk about anything you want. If you refer a friend, you get 25% from his/her earnings. They pay you via PayPal or moneybookers.com

How it worked for me:
When I first joined I thought it will be easy to earn money on myLot. I was wrong:(
I don't use myLot for making money anymore but I still post there sometimes for fun.
I have 248 posts and I've earned $1.31 for that. I have one referral who hasn't posted single thing. It didn't worked for me but some people really make money on myLot, mainly through referrals. Maybe it'll work for you...


Alternative to AdSense

Another way to earn money with your website or blog is with Bidvertiser

It's a CPC ad network very similar to Google AdSense.
Simply display Bidvertiser ads on your website and you get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad. They enable you to maximize your revenue by always displaying the highest bidders. They have also an option to filter ads.
It has much lower minimum payout than Adsense- only $10 (AdSense has $100). And they pay you by check or through paypal.

You can also join as an advertiser.


Get paid to share pictures

Shareapic is free image hosting site that pay you for sharing images.

How it works:
You can have a multiple galleries and upload as many pictures as you want. They pay you per image view.
1000 image views= $0.25
There are also monthly referral contests. They pay you via PayPal. Minimum is $20.

How it worked for me:

They pay you $0.25 for 1000 image views so it seems hard to get that many views, but it actually isn't. I have 20906 image views right now and I didn't do a single thing to promote my galleries. I've just link to them on my other blog (Hellhive). I'll start to promote them soon. It's really easy. You can post thumbnails for images on any forum. Just don't spam. Or you can add them to your website (that pic of the week in left sidebar is from shareapic).


You can check some of my galleries. I'm sure you'll find something you like:
3D Wallpapers
Movie Wallpapers
Game Wallpapers
Anime Wallpapers
HR Giger

By the way one guy on shareapic has 2687875 image views.



Yuwie.com is a new fast-growing social network. It's basically same shit as myspace but with one difference - they pay you. Yuwie shares their revenue with it's users.

How it works:
You join, setup your profile page, invite friends, chat, blog and they pay you for all of that. They pay you for every action you take on site. You earn something every time you change your profile, upload picture or write a blog entry. You also get credit every time your stuff is looked at. And the best thing is that yuwie pays you for your referral activity ten levels deep.

Here's an example how Yuwie profile page looks like: My Yuwie profile

Why to join under me?

Because I'll do my best to help you. I'll check your profile, leave comments and stuff and you'll get credits for all that.

Payment method: Paypal / check
Minimum: $5 (paypal) $25 (check)


Need Referrals?

It's very hard to make money on the internet alone. That's why you need referrals. And easy way to get them is through Getref.com.

How it works:
It's free to join. You earn credits by joining other users programs or simply by visiting sites. Once you earn enough credit, you can invest it in your programs in order to get referrals. If you invest more credits, more users will join. When user join under you, he'll get credits you've invested in that program.
Then he can use those credits for his own programs. It's simple and it really works. You must also join at least one program, otherwise your link won't be visible. When user join in your program, he'll appear in "pending". Then you can check did he really join under you, so you can accept him or decline. With premium account you can even ban user if he cheated somehow. You can also use credit to pay for displaying your own advertisements.

How to earn credits:
- by joining other users programs
- by clicking ads
- you can buy credits (40 credits = $10)
- from your referrals

You get 2 bonus credits for each person you directly refer. And you also get 10% of all the credits your downline earns five levels deep!

Gold membership features:
-Prevent users with a low earn rating from joining your programs
-Ability to Ban specific users
-Double the credits Received Per Earn by joining a user's program
-Random Referrals
-25% bonus on purchased credits (example, buy 20 credits, get 25)
-Earn Cash per Program Joined ($0.05 per program joined by you, $0.02 per program joined by every gold member below you 5 LEVELS DEEP!)

1 Month = $7.00
3 Months = $20.00
6 Months = $39.00
1 Year = $75.00
(Gold members can renew their membership for the special price)

How it worked for me:
It worked pretty good. I'm regular member and I get one referral per week with getref. It doesn't seem much but it really helps. Not all of those referrals remained active. I've promoted mainly clixsense and daddybux. With clixsense you get at least 10 cents even if person who joined doesn't click ads and never log in again.
You can always decline user if he cheats. I'm considering getting gold membership.


Clixsense is well known PTC (pay to click) site. It's free to join.

How it works:

Each page you browse have to be displayed for 30 second and you earn between 1 cent and $5.00 for each page you view. When you register, there will already be 100+ ads waiting for you. You can also buy credits to advertise your programs there. For every member you refer you get 10 cents and 10% from their earnings. You can also buy
Only payment method is check so forget about paypal. Minimum payout is $10 but I recommend you to set it higher because there is a check processing fee of $3.

What about upgrade?
When you upgrade to premium you don't have to wait- it's automatic. Upgrade cost is $10 and it's valid for 1 year. You will get more ads to click than regular members.

"Premium account status indicates to advertisers that the viewer has successfully made a purchase using a credit card or bank account online. Many advertisers prefer to limit their paid advertisements to viewers who have proven purchasing power"

If you are premium member and one of your direct referral upgrades, you are instantly paid $2 for that members upgrade. When that member refers a new member who upgrades to premium you are instantly paid a $1 override commission. And it goes through 5 levels deep.

How it worked for me:
I've upgraded my account first day I've joined. There were over 300 ads waiting for me after registration. In 2 days I've managed to click them all:)
There should be ads between 1 cent and five dollars but biggest ad I've encounter was for 12 cents. I've got 6 referrals there but only 2 are still active. Right now I have $22.58. I didn't got payed yet because I've selected higher minimum payout, but I've heard only the best about them and they really pay.
It's great to use it at work when you are bored :P

Program Type: PTC (pay to click)
Your click: $0.01 - $5
Referral click: $0.001
Payment method: check
Minimum: $10
Extra: you get instant 10 cents for each member you refer.

Week 1 Goal: Get 1000+ Hits To This Blog

Let's start slowly...

Goal: 1000+ hits to this site

This blog is new so obviously it needs some traffic. There's a statcounter at a bottom of this page. It counts every page reload. I've already blocked my IP on the counter. I want to see number 1000+ at the end of this week on that counter.

How I'm gonna achieve this:
I'll post link on some forums and I'll use traffic exchange programs like TrafficG.com.