Need Referrals?

It's very hard to make money on the internet alone. That's why you need referrals. And easy way to get them is through Getref.com.

How it works:
It's free to join. You earn credits by joining other users programs or simply by visiting sites. Once you earn enough credit, you can invest it in your programs in order to get referrals. If you invest more credits, more users will join. When user join under you, he'll get credits you've invested in that program.
Then he can use those credits for his own programs. It's simple and it really works. You must also join at least one program, otherwise your link won't be visible. When user join in your program, he'll appear in "pending". Then you can check did he really join under you, so you can accept him or decline. With premium account you can even ban user if he cheated somehow. You can also use credit to pay for displaying your own advertisements.

How to earn credits:
- by joining other users programs
- by clicking ads
- you can buy credits (40 credits = $10)
- from your referrals

You get 2 bonus credits for each person you directly refer. And you also get 10% of all the credits your downline earns five levels deep!

Gold membership features:
-Prevent users with a low earn rating from joining your programs
-Ability to Ban specific users
-Double the credits Received Per Earn by joining a user's program
-Random Referrals
-25% bonus on purchased credits (example, buy 20 credits, get 25)
-Earn Cash per Program Joined ($0.05 per program joined by you, $0.02 per program joined by every gold member below you 5 LEVELS DEEP!)

1 Month = $7.00
3 Months = $20.00
6 Months = $39.00
1 Year = $75.00
(Gold members can renew their membership for the special price)

How it worked for me:
It worked pretty good. I'm regular member and I get one referral per week with getref. It doesn't seem much but it really helps. Not all of those referrals remained active. I've promoted mainly clixsense and daddybux. With clixsense you get at least 10 cents even if person who joined doesn't click ads and never log in again.
You can always decline user if he cheats. I'm considering getting gold membership.