I've changed templete. It looks the same as old one but this one actually works.
Last one was full of errors. Also, all widgets were deleted so I gotta re-add them. Because of that, the poll is empty again (vote bitches:)
If you have any suggestions or tips to improve this blog please write a comment.


Link exchange anyone?

If you are interested just write a comment. I'll add your website. This blog is only one week old and it has 1112 hits already.


Week 2 Goal: Get 5+ Referrals

Goal: Get 5+ referrals

I'll try to get at least 5 referrals for any program I'm using.

How I'm gonna achieve this:
I'll use Getref.com. It's great tool for getting referrals. Read more about it Here.
I also hope I'll get some referrals from this blog.

Weekly Goal 1: Results

Goal: 1000+ hits to this site- Pass!
Remember this post?

I did it! I've started this blog on Tuesday so I didn't have whole week to achieve it. At the end of the week statcounter hit 1089.
First week was actually pretty good. I've got some referrals through this blog. Thank you for joining! I've also find out that this template is full of errors lol. I couldn't see it till I've opened it in IE (In Firefox it looked OK). So I guess I'll search for another template.

I've used mostly 2 traffic exchange sites to get visitors.

1. Traffic Generation Network
It's simple and it's really easy to earn credits.

2. TrueViewTraffic
This one is pretty god. You can "force" members to actually read your site by adding question. Question must be related to your site. Then you add four possible answers (only one is right). If visitor chooses incorrect answer, he won't be credited.